Programming at Midtown Lutheran Preschool

  • We offer programming for young toddlers (Parent Morning Out) through pre-kindergarten age (Preschool).

  • Our focus is to educate children through all developmental domains to offer a balanced foundation for their future.

  • We offer an emergent play-based curriculum that offers a balance of playful learning activities and interaction with free-choice play and sufficient time outdoors.

  • We have bilingual/dual-language German-English classrooms.

Read more details about our approach to early childhood education on our Core Values page.

  • All Program Hours: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM (no early or late care) with drop-off from 9:00-9:10 AM and pick-up from 12:50-1:00 PM.


Children ages 2 - 5 years | 2-5 day program options.


  • Emergent, play-based curriculum

  • German-English dual language classrooms

  • Project Approach and theme-based learning - includes time exploring our neighborhood and community.

  • Chapel

See a sample schedule for 2s here. See a sample schedule for Multiage here.

Parent Day Out (PDO)

Children age 1+ year - must be walking, have dropped morning nap, and self-feeding. 2 day programming ONLY.


  • Emergent play-based exploration

  • German language exposure

  • Chapel

*NOTE: Due to state regulations, PDO students under age 2 are only allowed to attend PDO a maximum of two 4-hour days per week.

 Please see our Admissions page for more on enrolling and tuition at Midtown Lutheran Preschool.

Enrollment at MTLPS is open to families regardless of race, color, ethnicity, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or family structure.

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