Sample Preschool Schedule

*Subject to change depending on classroom and ages, educators, overall school schedule, special enrichment activities, and the season and weather.

9-9:10 AM: Drop-Off/Arrival, unpack, shoes off and potty

After children settle in from arrival, they will have teacher-directed playful learning activities. In young preschool and toddler classes these activities are rotated/suggested for the children. In multi-age, it is part of the morning routine for children to interact with these activities as they are very intentionally planned and chosen for what the children are learning and their developmental stages. In all classes, these morning activities offer time for teachers to differentiate instruction and observe children playing and learning.

9:30 AM: Morgenkreis - Morning Circle (German community-learning time)

10 AM: Snack

10:20 AM: Classroom Circle time

After snack and circle time: free choice exploration and play. This is also a time where teachers plan learning activities for children, make observations, and differentiate instruction.

11:45 AM: Outdoor time - length depends on season and weather.

12:20 PM: Lunch and pack up.

12:50-1 PM: Pick up/Dismissal

Due to our state regulations, dismissal must be completed by 1 PM.