What is the mission of the preschool?

Midtown Lutheran Preschool nurtures and educates children to be wholehearted, compassionate, principled individuals who contribute positively to the world community.

You can read more about our educational values HERE.

What ages do you enroll?

Young toddler to pre-K age.

Do you enroll mid year?

Classroom placement is assigned for the academic year (August-May) based on age as of Sept. 1st - the same as the state of Georgia. We will enroll students mid-year dependent age-based classroom availability.
In order to keep the best consistency for our classrooms, and minimize disruption, enrollments after January will only be accepted if a family plans to return the following academic year.

What is the teacher/student ratio in the classrooms?

Depending on the physical size of the classroom, our student numbers are:

  • 10-12 students in our multi-age (3/4s) classes --- 1:6 teacher/student ratio

  • 8-10 students in 2s and older 1s classes --- 1:5 teacher/student ratio

  • 3-6 in 1s classes --- 1:4 teacher/student ratio

Our goal is to keep class sizes to a minimum.  We have ratios far under the requirements for the state of Georgia1s  1:8 --- 2s 1:10 --- 3s 1:15 --- 4s 1:18

We strive to have 2 teachers in each classroom.  At times our enrollment may require us to meet our ratios by having 1 1/2 teachers per room.

What are your hours? Do you offer before and after care?

9 AM - 1 PM, Monday through Friday, August-May.  We do not have before or after care.  We generally follow the Atlanta Public School vacation and weather schedule.

You can find our yearly calendar schedule HERE.

Do you have a summer camp program?

We offer limited summer camp programming. Please contact us for more information. Programming is dependent on demand.

Do you provide lunch?

No. Students bring their own lunch and healthy snack from home each day they attend school.

How is the program bilingual/dual-language?

We strive to have the most dual-language/bilingual experience for each child.  Our goal is to have 1 English speaker and 1 German speaker teaching EACH class.  The teachers will each speak their respective languages all day to the students.  They will also have mini-lessons in language learning.  We also embrace German-speaking culture and activities (holidays, food, etc.) to add a global aspect and perspective into our curriculum.

Why German?

German makes us unique in Atlanta (very few preschools offer it). German is a strong part of our church's heritage. Ultimately, we believe that learning any second (or third or fouth!) language creates a more global and open mindset.  We also feel it is important to focus on one language in a very authentic and consistent way which is why we chose the dual-language model.

Does my child need to be German or speak it already?

No. We have had many students enroll who actually speak neither English nor German and have adjusted well and thrived at our school. 

Are you church-based? How? 

Yes, we are a ministry of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer.  LCR has committed themselves spiritually and financially to support the start-up of MTLPS.  

We integrate faith by praying before meals, holding weekly chapel led by pastors and staff, and integrating the religious point of view into holiday celebrations.  You can read more about Lutheran faith values HERE

We accept, and hope to attract, families from all walks and embrace diversity. 

Enrollment at MTLPS is open to all families regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, faith or religion, sexual orientation or family structure.

Do families need to be church members or Lutheran?

No. Our program is founded on the value of diversity and we welcome and want any neighbors to be a part of our programming. We welcome all religious and non-religious families.

Do you offer Pre-K?

We offer preschool for children of Pre-K age. Currently our Pre-K'ers learn in our multiage classes which are ages 3-4 years.  We find great value in a multiage class experience. 

We do NOT offer full time Georgia State Funded Pre-K (which is free).

How much does your program cost?

You can check out our latest tuition rates on our Tuition/Fees page. Tuition is raised a small percentage annually starting in 2019.

We offer discounts for paying in full, siblings, referrals, and need-based scholarships/tuition adjustment. 


We hope our FAQs have answered your questions sufficiently.  

Please contact us if you'd like a tour or if you have more inquiries!