Tuition and Fees

  • Registration/Enrollment fee (One-time fee): $75

  • Deposit (Annual): 10% tuition

  • Tuition (Annual): See 2019-2020 rates below.

Annual School-year Tuition 2019-2020:

Tuition covers our 10 month (August-May) academic year programming.

  • 2 days/week $3,050

  • 3 days/week $4,150

  • 4 days/week $5,150

  • 5 days/week $6,050

  • Daily rate for enrolled students (ONLY by appointment through director and based on daily availability) $48/day

Tuition Payment Options:

  • Annual Tuition Paid in Full: 6% discount off if paid in full by start of school (not combined with other discounts); only offered August-September. [4% PIF discount available October-December enrollments. NO PIF discount after December.]

  • 3 Equal Payments: 4% discount if paid in 3 equal installments in August, November, and February. (Option available Aug.-Oct.)

  • Month-to-Month: Pay monthly for 10 months (August-May). Starting in 2018, monthly tuition payers will be required to set up auto payments with the preschool through You can download the necessary forms here:

----> Contact administration for details on registration ,deposit and pro-rated tuition if enrolling during the school year.

----> Other discounts offered (see director for details): Sibling discounts, referral discounts, scholarships/financial assistance.

Please contact us for a tour. For more information on registering your child click HERE.

Tuition DUE Dates 2019-2020

Please refer to our school calendar for session dates.  Reminder: tuition is due the first school day of each month.  After the 15th, late charges will apply. See tuition agreement in Preschool Forms Packet for more information.

  • May 1st or upon enrollment - 10% Tuition non-refundable deposit due credited to May 2020.

  • August: 16th

    • Annual tuition in full

    • 1 of 3 Equal Payments

    • Monthly - Auto-draft required

  • September: 1st - Monthly auto-draft

  • October: 1st - Monthly auto-draft

  • November: 1st

    • 2/3 Equal Payments; Monthly auto-draft

  • December: 1st - Monthly auto-draft

  • January: 1st - Monthly auto-draft

  • February: 1st

    • 3 Equal Payment (final)

    • Monthly auto-draft

  • March: 1st - Monthly auto-draft

  • April: 1st - Last Monthly auto-draft for children leaving our school after this academic year.

  • May: 1st - 2021-2022 Non-refundable Deposit Due for returning and new enrollments.